Tuesday, 6 December 2011

negativity - the virus

Negativity breeds - fast. You only need one moaner to start complaining about the world, the weather, the traffic, the cost of fuel, the cost of food etc., and soon everyone's at it. The world is ever changing and we don't like change, we like to know where we're at. We have to accept the changes we can do nothing about. Some people are better placed than us to make a stand, to protest or complain, so let them do it, it may not be your job. Some of us are here to help others along, to encourage and teach, to guide or to lead. We are not all cut out for standing up to be counted.
Violence also breeds fast, it runs in families quite often or areas. Take the football match where one person strikes the first blow or throws something onto the pitch - it's not long before many follow. It takes a stronger soul to break the pattern.
Only when faced with true adversity or illness do we often appreciate the wonder of the world we live in. The impending loss of someone loved can make you look at life differently, even the rain becomes a source of beauty, every snowflake a miracle. The fact that we have food easily obtainable amazing and clean running water from our taps within easy reach a godsend. It brings us a more spiritually based form of perspective. Parents with a sick child do not really care about fuel prices - they care about their child more and their energies go into that - they have none left for worldy matters.
We might feel negative, grumpy and low but we can still spread positivity and light which in turn brings about a change of energy and improvement in circumstances eventually.
Try to recognise when you are being a pessimist or negative and target it for change. Smile instead of frown. Start your day off on a positive note and the rest of the day will take care of itself. We all know negative people, for some it has become habit to be miserable, don't let them take you down the same path. Be the stronger soul and change the pattern.

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