Wednesday, 7 December 2011

nobody's perfect

We can all get low, we look at other people and their lives and they often seem much better, more organised than our own. We never have enough money, always seem to be catching the others up, never quite making it to our peak. Our problems grow legs as they say.
In my experience, whenever I have met the perfect people with the perfect lives, perfect children, perfect bank balance, they have been far from it.
We all have lessons to learn, we all have experiences that are unpleasant, horrible, hard to deal with and challenging. Having money does not exempt anyone from spiritual law.
Other people have their issues, family problems, relationships that fail, illness, worry and so on. Their finances may help to alleviate stress in some areas but not all. The wealthy mother with the sick son would give it all away in a heart beat to have her son healthy. The rich man in the wheelchair would pay anything for new legs. Health is more important than wealth they say, that's a reasonable statement if you have the wealth. What we need to aim for is balance. Money should bring freedom and yet many people I know who have money have allowed it to create a prison for themselves. They surround themselves with a large house, buy extra cars, find false friends and live to the extent of their means. Money should allow choices - live modestly and more choices will be revealed.
Money often brings nothing but misery for some, they don't like the changes in a partner or the attitude of friends to their wealth, their whole lives change and for what, some paper and discs of metal? for that is how spirit see money.
Perfection has nothing to do with wealth - it is to do with the heart. When the heart is open and in balance all good things flow freely to and from the person. It is true that the universe will provide what you need but not always in a way that you expect or understand.
Perfection is what you perceive it to be and everyone has a different idea of what that is and of course there are different kinds of perfection and your ideals will change with age and maturity. Spiritual perfection is balance of the mind and body, then all good things will follow, but it is a difficult state to achieve and one that requires input from others, be they friends, family, therapists or healers. We need others to highlight our failings and congratulate our strong points, then we, in turn, help them.
I look at young girls striving for physical perfection and I worry for them, will anything ever be good enough for them? Girls as young as 15 are wanting lip implants, botox and treatments that will change their bodies and facial features. They can't see that they are perfect already. Does lack of love cause this reaction? I don't think it does, it stems from insecurity but not from their parents. All teens want to fit in, they don't want to look different, it used to be fashion they followed and they would all dress the same way, the current fashion is for the face to look a certain way - so that's what they strive for. I cringe when I think of some of the outfits I wore in the 80's but I have been able to throw them in the bin, these girls and boys can't run away from their faces and the permanent changes they are making.
The media needs to recognise that every individual is perfect in their own way, unique, as they should be, and should push that instead of cloned, plasticised models. You are perfect in the eyes of the universe and those who love you.

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