Wednesday, 7 March 2012

how to connect with your own spirit

As with any exercise or tip I will give you this one is simple and easy and quick if you need it to be and can be done anywhere. No special tools or props are required and you can do this alone or with a partner or group. There are no rules only good practise.

The first time that you try this do it somewhere quiet where you will not be disturbed but then later with practise you should be able to do any of the exercises quickly, no matter how much noise surrounds you and you will be able to trust your own instincts.

Either lay or sit quietly (don't get too comfortable or you will fall asleep), a good place to connect with your spirit is in the bath. The water helps you to relax and also aids visualisations and spirit connection and usually the door is locked so that you feel safe and will be undisturbed.

Breathe deeply, a few times until you fall into the natural rhythm of breathing, rest a moment, there is no rush. In your mind, to yourself state that you intend to connect with your spirit, the spirit that resides within your heart centre and in the core of your being, the real you, your light. (Or words to that effect).

Then place the palm of your right hand on your heart centre to mark your intention and the palm of your left hand over your solar plexus to keep your power inward instead of reaching out for guidance as is often done. You are closing your energy circuit to enable your energy to flow around and within you rather than out and searching in the ether for knowledge.

Next take your concentration to behind your eyes, you reside there, you see the outer world from there, you gain information from there about others', about your surroundings, signals to survive your daily life and its demands. From here we are going into your inner world, to find your truths.

Imagine the hara line through the centre of the body. This is a strong centre line that runs from the crown of the head through to the root and down to the ground, it lines up all the major chakras and roots us to the earth as well as connecting us to the divine higher realms. I see my hara line as white and cylindrical, poker straight and full of light. This is the line that needs to be brought into sharp focus when you are asked to centre yourself and is the mainstay of the energy system much like our physical spine is to the human body.

Picture your hara line as a lift shaft - but full of white light. Your consciousness can travel up and down this shaft whenever you want it to. You can access the interior of the chakras by using this method and can cleanse them individually or see what the light inside them is like, how each chakra feels when you enter its environment and what may need attention or healing. It's an interesting exercise to try but do keep an open mind about what you might sense and always take the first thing that you see or sense as being the truth however odd you find it, you can puzzle it out later.

Now take your consciousness from behind your eyes down to the throat chakra and pause. Take a look at the entrance to the throat, what do you see? what is the colour? is the colour bright or murky? don't enter the throat chakra yet but instead travel further down until you reach the entrance to the heart chakra. How do you feel standing before the entrance? what colour are you presented with? is the colour clear and bright or not? do you feel apprehensive or eager to get into your own spirit and meet it?

However you feel, take a deep breathe, keep your consciousness in the heart and step forward into the cavity of the heart chakra. Be open to feel and sense, to receive and to communicate with your spirit.

What does your spirit look like? is it like you or different? is it pleased to see you? does it have information for you? is it displeased with you for some reason?

At this point you can ask questions, feel the responses, put in requests, express your desires. Whatever you want to do can be done here in complete safety and honesty. You are communing with your interior self and anything is possible. Sometimes you might want to meet with your spirit just to obtain peace and connection and no information will pass between you and that is alright too.

When you feel that you have spent enough time there you can retrace your steps. Notice the colours again as you return your consciousness to behind your eyes and see if there has been a change or improvement.

Remember after any meditation to centre and ground yourself (exercises on this blog) it's very important that you are able to function in the real world and not be distracted.

Make a few notes on what you experienced and compare them next time you do the exercise. It may only take you a few minutes to complete the connection or it may take longer, everyone is individual and you should give yourself enough time to make a strong and meaningful connection. Remember that there is nothing to fear from this exercise unless you are scared of yourself! Enjoy.

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