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how do you know when someone is close to death?

As a medium I am often asked if I can tell if someone is going to die soon and what I sense around such people. (I don't know why people ask me this I don't walk around with a black cowl and scythe.)

The answer is yes, I often can see if a person is moving to their passing stage but not always. Sometimes I just don't pick up on my senses if I'm involved in doing something else or simply not switching in or listening to my instincts, I can't be on high alert all the time, it's neither feasible, practical or worthwhile.

When a person is moving towards the end of their life, no matter their age, a breakdown of the aura can be seen. The aura is the electro-magnetic layer of the physical body and if the physical body is no longer requiring it, then it will begin to disperse. (There are plenty of google images of the human aura and chakra diagrams if you need to look it up.)

I usually see this as a greying aura, there will be no colour visible and there are thinned areas of the aura much like cotton wool when it is pulled and you can see strands joining the larger pieces together but it looks worn and threadbare. This thinning is a result of the spiritual energy no longer being fed into the aura but instead returning to nourish the soul in readiness for the return of an aspect of it i.e. your spirit. (I should point out here that the soul has many aspects to it and you, the being you are now in body, is not the only part of your soul experiencing some form of life right now, you are a fragment of your soul and its learning, not the whole). whew! that was deep.

Anyhow, if the aura is not receiving energy, then the physical body via the main chakras is not receiving energy either and that will in turn lead to a break down of the physical body and its major organs and blood system because it is not being fed properly.

I have seen living people cut off from their soul and this energy connection, they are usually ill, of grey pallor and struggle immensely with life but they keep hanging on because it is not their time to pass over yet. It is possible for such individuals to continue living in a body that is like a shell, it eats, sleeps, moves, has sex, talks but there is no reason or happiness, flow or pleasure in their lives, or feeling or expression of deep emotion.

When a person has reached their natural time, as I said - regardless of age or what we might determine to be their time to die, the aura will begin its natural degeneration.

The aura shrinks too at this time and moves in quite close to the body of the person. They might feel constantly cold, selfish (due to the disconnection with other earthly persons because the aura is no longer giving them emotional information) irritable, tired and frightened.

The conscious brain struggles to comprehend the destruction of the energy field because it is a subtle manifestation and the brain deals more with facts, figures and definite senses. However, those who are mediums or understand energy do recognise when they are becoming weak and nearing their own end as do many people who have never worked with energy, their intuition tells them that they are getting close.

As a healer there is nothing I can do to restore the aura when it has begun to degrade. I can meditate with the person and give them peace and some understanding, I can show them where to go and who will meet them removing any fear of passing that they might have and this gives enormous comfort to them. Neither can I slow the end for them, it's true that we all have a time slot and should we miss it by a long way we will then have to wait to be collected to make the short journey home. Our loved ones on the other side of life try their hardest to make us understand before we pass that they are waiting and excited that we will be joining them, (often through dreams and visions) but some people just miss the point and end up getting lost for a while anyway, usually through fear or atheism, but they will be fetched in the end, when their mind opens enough for them to see the beauty of life.

At the same time that the aura begins to break down the body's main chakras also begin to dysfunction and close. The first to go is the root, (as the energy system will close from the bottom up so as to end with the return to the soul which is from the crown of the head. It closes this way so that the human spirit, that rests in the heart will be pushed up to the crown and out the way it is safest and not be pushed down into the root and trapped by the lowest thoughts of existence that sit there in that chakra.)

When the root is in dysfunction incontinence will be experienced, this state may last for a long or short time depending upon the emotions of the person concerned or their acceptance of life and death, their overall beliefs, their view of ageing and what it brings and their health issues generally.

The next chakra to close is the sacral, bringing with it nervousness, kidney issues, liver problems, lower intestinal issues. Also regrets may be expressed and wishes of 'what if' and 'if only'.

The next is the solar plexus, bringing fear or peace depending upon the person. A disconnection with life and its demands and realism. A clinging sense and fear of being alone.

Then the heart chakra will end its cycle, freeing the spirit to roam out of the body and discover its new invironment whilst the physical body is still alive so the spirit can return to safety when in needs to. This is when the spirit friends and helpers will be around more closely to keep the passing person close.
There may be issues with the heart at this stage if not encountered already or through illness generally.
The person may be in and out of what we recognise as consciousness and be much sleepier than previously.

The throat chakra begins to close next and the person passing may find that there are things that they must say to ease their conscience, let people know that they love them or express their regrets. It's important that the throat ease out unsaid words as the spirit, that is now risen into the throat chakra, will be urging it to do so.

The third eye illuminates when the spirit reaches it. Suddenly things become clearer to the person passing as the third eye reveals a new world to them, one that they can go to, peacefully. The person can still deny this at this stage and many do, sadly, making it harder for them to pass on. It's also at this point that people who are considered to be at death's door often rally and seem lucid and bright for a short period before deteriorating further.

When reaching the crown of the head the spirit has the sensation of being born again back into the spirit world. They pop out to see something wondrous and often unexpected. There are loved ones to meet them and they become aware of the immense and powerful energy they carry now that they are out of the heavy and cumbersome physical body. This time should be one of great joy and often is, until that is they remember that they are also leaving people behind who mean a great deal to them. Such is life. It happens on the way here and on the way out again. We all meet together again in between those times and carry each other in our hearts. It is still possible even at this stage for the passing spirit to deny what is happening to them and become stuck in the gloom of the earthbound soul.

For the observer who can see energy at this last stage of leaving the crown the spirit is visible usually as a white mist, but one that has form. Not human form, but shape and outline. It moves quickly and is a beautiful sight.

There are clear signs when someone is going to be leaving us, if you know what to look for. The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying has some interesting observations about the closing down of the energy on the outside and on the inside too. My observations are my own. It's not always nice to see that someone's aura is breaking down, especially if I know that person but acceptance is the key to most things in life and nothing I can do will change when their soul has decided to move on. Death is the choice of the individual, the means, the time, the pain, the duration of demise all amount to the soul's choice. A long life is no measure to a life well lived and the duration of a person's life is no measure to their achievements. So live well, laugh and cram in as much as you can! That way you will have a lot to talk about on the other side.

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