Thursday, 1 March 2012

dreaming of the dead

We all dream. We may remember our dreams we may not. Typically we usually remember the more disturbing ones because our brain and body react to the stronger stimulus within them however we also remember deeply emotional dreams. Sometimes in the waking stage where we are rousing and coming to consciousness we have vivid images that can seem very real. This is the time when you should take notice and attempt to remember the content you receive as it is often in this state that we try to achieve during meditation. The state of being relaxed enough to accept what comes but just alert enough to coherently remember details and understand our visions, thoughts and feelings.

If you have a vivid dream or vision or even daydream that concerns a deceased person known to you then pay special attention to your emotions at the time, as you will be receiving the emotions of that person trying to communicate with you. Emotions often tell us more than words or expressions can as people are very good at hiding their true feelings although spirit people rarely do this - whether they can or not I don't know for sure, but I suspect not as they are pure energy and thought.

When you have a strong connection with this type of vision or dream it is often the spirit person trying to give you a message, so try to listen. You may dream of them if they are on your mind or you are concerned about them and this can just be your psyche reaching out to them and creating a meeting with them but a real meeting will have the emotion attached and you may receive information that you were previously unaware of rather than if the meeting is of your own creation so take your time to understand what is happening and keep a notepad and pen handy to record your feelings before you forget.

The thing I regard as most important is our gut instinct, our feelings about situations tell us more truths than we can question. We should always ask ourselves what makes us happy, what gives us the most pleasure, what fires us up and enthuses us with ideas and excitement? The answers you receive are from inside yourself, from your own spirit and it will never lie to you or mislead you. If we sense danger we shouldn't ignore that feeling, we can investigate our fear, check it is grounded in reality or phobia or deep rooted anxiety before panicking or acting upon it.

By the same token we should express ourselves freely too. We shouldn't fear our emotions, if we want to cry at a film, give someone a hug, pay someone a compliment or laugh - then we should. Our spirit demands that emotion for a reason and often that reason is for a release of energy or for an intake of energy. The spirit lives moment to moment - children are a great example of this as they haven't yet been conditioned to control their emotions or time. They do what they want when they want to do it. That of course is not practical in every day adult living but living emotionally intelligently is possible and necessary for a healthy body and mind. Radiate your spirit from within and let the love and hope that your spirit carries reach other people and don't be afraid to be yourself. In doing that you will find immense strength, creativity and freedom and your energy will flow healthily leading to positivity and mental well-being.

When you stifle your spirit, ignore your desires, suppress your nature then your energy becomes stale and a sense of stuckness comes about along with feeling trapped, depressed, uncreative and unhappy.

Being free of course does not mean that you can be offensive, aggressive or self-interested. All your actions demanded of the spirit must be for the highest good and harm no-one. You are meant to be spreading love and light, that is everyone's life purpose. Tolerance and understanding and development of the mind are the aims of the human spirit.

Try the energy cleansing exercise on this blog then meditate with the intention to connect with your spirit self which I will add tomorrow.

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